Message to Members Regarding COVID-19

Message to Members Regarding COVID-19

Bon Homme Yankton Electric’s walk-in service is temporarily closed. Please call our office at (605) 463-2507 for assistance.

As of Tuesday, March 17, walk-in service will be temporarily discontinued until further notice. Payments can be made via mail, pay by phone 24/7 (1-888-395-5315), and online via Smarthub. For any questions or to report an outage, please call (605) 463-2507. View our Payment Options page to see all options.

These are unprecedented times in our region, country and across the world. From social distancing to homeschooling your children due to school closures, we know you are dealing with many life changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. As an essential services provider, Bon Homme Yankton Electric is here to continue powering your life.

To continue providing essential electric services, we have adapted several business practices. We’ve taken the following measures to keep our employees safe and healthy so your co-op can continue providing the high level of service that you expect: „

  • Closed our lobby until further notice. Payments can be made via mail, by phone 24/7 (1-888- 395-5315), and online via Smarthub. For any questions or to report an outage, please call (605) 463-2507.
  • Implemented a rotating work from home schedule in the office and isolated line crews from each other to reduce our employees’ risk of exposure.
  • Electrical and member service site visits have been reduced to emergency-only situations.

Be prepared for longer than normal outage times if we have a widespread outage event, like an ice storm. Crew isolation practices will still be adhered to, and the external resources that we count on for extra manpower have also implemented protocols for areas based on Covid-19 outbreak stats. These measures will slow restoration times but will ensure the health and safety of linemen is not compromised so that we continue to provide essential electric services.

When you receive your next power bills from Bon Homme Yankton Electric, we want you to be prepared for your bill to be a little higher than normal if you have been spending more time at home. Many of our member-owners are currently working from home or are staying at home with their children, and this increased amount of time at home requires increased use of electricity.

Here are several quick and easy ways to begin conserving your home’s energy use to minimize your next bill:

  • Reduce your thermostat. One degree lower can decrease energy use by 3 – 5%.
  • Wash clothes with cold water. Only use hot water for very dirty loads.
  • Change your central HVAC system filter when dirty by the manufacturer’s recommendations. Dirty filters can impact your home comfort and increase your electricity bill.
  • Set both the upper and lower water heater thermostats no higher than 120° F. „ Open your blinds and use natural light as much as possible during the day.
  • Turn computers and monitors off when not in use.
  • Enable auto power-down feature on gaming consoles.
  • Unplug battery chargers and other cords when not needed.
  • If you don’t unplug them, use energy-saving modes or automatic sleep functions on electronics.
  • Set the refrigerator temperature to 34°-37°F and freezer temperature to 0° - 5°F.

Everything you do—from flipping a switch to upgrading your lighting—can add up to big savings. Bon Homme Yankton Electric understands that there may be circumstances now and in the future that will impact the financial situation of our member-owners due to COVID-19. We ask that if you are having trouble paying your electric bill, please contact us at (605) 463-2507 to work out a payment plan.

As your local Touchstone Energy® Cooperative, Bon Homme Yankton Electric is here for you through these trying times. The seventh cooperative principle is concern for community. By pulling together as a community, we will emerge from this stronger. Take care and stay healthy

We appreciate the understand of our members as we prioritize safety along with providing reliable service. We provide an essential service, so it is critical that we keep our employees and members safe.

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