Budget Billing

Budget Billing

Winter months can put a strain on many pocketbooks, especially when it comes to paying utility bills. If you worry about how to pay for increased energy bills in the winter, Bon Homme Yankton Electric’s budget billing plan might help soften the blow.

Budget billing levels out your monthly spending and helps your household budget. You don't have to wait until the bill comes in the mail since you know exactly how much it will be each month. If you enter into a budget billing payment plan with Bon Homme Yankton Electric, your average kilowatt hour use over a twelve month period is calculated and an average payment amount is established for you. This is the amount you pay each month no matter what you have used.

You must have 12 month's history to sign up. All budget accounts are billed the actual amount due to bring the account to a zero balance in September of each year.

You will continue to receive your monthly statement in the mail and payment of your budgeted amount is still required by the due date each month to avoid penalties.

To get started with budget billing you can email or call our office at (605)463-2507.